Do you feel you live in a world where technology is moving faster than anyone can manage? Are you overwhelmed by the options presented to you daily for investing into the technology of your business? It’s not just you. It’s readily accepted that no one is able to keep up. Our laws lag behind the technology that rolls out ever faster. Our business practices cannot keep up with the demands from customers and the government. We never have enough capital to invest to stay current with the technology or have our employees fully trained on its use.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a company that is not interested in “selling” you something but rather interested in ensuring you maximize your investment; a company that will look for ways to reconfigure or repurpose your current infrastructure to ensure you get every dollar of your investment returned to you?

This is exactly why RGServicesCorp was established in 2001. We do not sell any equipment. We do not sell maintenance contracts. Our only business is focusing on your needs and how you can better use what you have to meet your business needs. Whether it is moving existing equipment to a new location or adding or reconfiguring existing equipment at your current site, RGServicesCorp is available to meet your needs. We simply provide you a method to source an impartial team of professionals who will help you do what needs to be done at a price significantly less than any other method available to you. All this support is available using our team of experienced resources based in the U.S. who average over 25 years in the industry.

RGServicesCorp is a certified Avaya Implementation and Services Only Partner. We have the full support of Avaya, its training, access to its engineering support, and are audited by Avaya to insure we meet their high standards. Our largest clients are Avaya and its largest Business Partners and we are ready and able to bring you that same level of support.