Avaya IP Office

As companies expand and grow their businesses by extending their markets into new areas, companies face unique operational challenges to improve their competitiveness against larger enterprises and to keep accelerating growth. With associates, suppliers, and partners now scattered across ever larger areas and perhaps the globe, and the need to attract a new generation of professionals with unique skills to their talent pool, companies are increasingly looking to Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) technology as the key foundation to enable business growth and to realize the maximum productivity gains from associates collaborating across geographies with different computing and communications devices. Additionally, enabling their businesses to care for customers with the same level of speed and efficiency, personalized service, and flexibility offered by their larger counterparts has rapidly become a need rather than a want.

In fact, small and medium companies are rapidly emerging as the growth area for UC&C solutions. Twenty-nine percent of midmarket companies surveyed stated that they planned to implement a solution in the next 12 months while nearly 60 percent expressed some level of interest in UC&C (including over a third of midmarket businesses saying they plan to add multichannel contact center capabilities in that same period).

The Avaya IP Office™ Platform offers a comprehensive, quick-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain UC&C platform that empowers IT departments to deliver collaboration and customer-service-driven innovation to the business. Surrounded by a comprehensive ecosystem of collaboration and contact center options, IP Office allows even a small office to mirror the functionality of a Fortune 500 Business.

IP Office can be further augmented with interoperable enterprise-level video collaboration, mobility, customer service, converged networking, and call security options that allow a business to monetize opportunities adjacent to a core UC&C deployment.

This is where RGServicesCorp can step in to facilitate your decision. Regardless of where you purchase or acquire your equipment, RGServicesCorp is available to engineer and implement a customized solution just for your business. We are not in business to “sell” you any additional equipment or upgrades. We are only there to insure you are able to maximize your investment. We do not have any interest in a “migration strategy” or looking for ways to sell you new big ticket items that you may not need. Our only business is to insure you are able to use what you have, where you need it, when you need it, at a cost that is less than any other option presented to you by an Avaya certified and supported services partner.

Perhaps even more importantly, RGServicesCorp will be there to train both the end users as well as your IT resources on the systems capabilities and uses. It is universally recognized that most companies get only a fraction of the functionality they pay for from their investments in technology. We can address that and insure you maximize every dollar you spend on your business with our team of experience trainers. This can even extend to training your staff in your new or improved contact center. We even can design a program that allows you to call upon our staff with questions, both technical and operational that may come about as you continue to maximize your investment.